Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Year of the DRAGON

It was April 8, 2013 - A collective sigh of relief, followed by a cheer of excitement rang through the Internet.  Did you hear it?  RED announced that their newest upgrade to their modular "obsolescence obsolete" cameras, the DRAGON sensor was finished.

Quick Facts:
1. 6K (new Dragon sensor) is 2.2x 4K in number of pixels.
2. 6K has 45% more pixels than 5K.
3. 6K has over 10x the number of pixels than 1080P.
4. 6k (6144 x 3160) has more resolution than a Canon 5D MK III.
5. Pixels are good. Down-rezzing is good. Dynamic range is good.
6. The cleaner the sensor the more you can compress in REDCODE RAW. Dragon has less than half the noise of Mysterium-X.
7. Obsolescence Obsolete is good.
Just a few facts to chew on.

What's the DRAGON sensor?  In short, it's an incredible upgrade to the already top-of-the-line RED camera sensors.  For more specifics, compare the Mysterium-X with the DRAGON.
The upgrade from Mysterium-X to DRAGON costs $9500 but all the equipment to go with it remains compatible.
The RED team continues to impress and inspire us independent filmmakers, who hope to someday have enough money to patronize them.

Below I've linked some still image captures.  Click each image to see it in full 6K.