Friday, April 26, 2013

Replacing Unusable Audio

     The worst has happened; your audio technician has made some mistake or maybe, like us, you don't have a large enough crew for a dedicated audio technician.  Either way the damage is done and the audio for today's filming is completely unusable.  However, rather than going for the surreal, dream-like feel to that scene, there is an alternative.
     In cases without dialogue (Such as our short film Tea and Toast, where the audio was entirely useless
due to camera directions, kitchen timers and a T.V. playing in the other room.) your problem can be easily solved.  What Jacob and I did, upon realizing that the audio needed replaced, was the old fashioned "find-something-that-sounds-like-what-you're-looking-at-and-record-it" technique used in animated films.  We were lucky that the sounds we needed were readily found be duplicating the actions in the film, this time making sure there was a functioning microphone on hand.  It did feel a little strange to be carrying toasters, spoons, glasses of water, and plastic bags into our studio, but it got the job done.